Kyla Francis
Using her own molds, Francis slipcasts porcelain shot glasses, mugs and tea sets featuring her photosensitive glazing technique and hand drawn and painted elements. Always focused on decoration, she screen prints overglaze decals by hand that she also fires on glassware.
Francis chooses her clay body and forms for connotations of refinement and luxury and her lightly flourished traditional European lines reinforce this and display the tactile qualities of the material. Softening the behaviour code, a sense of nostalgia is important in her aesthetic, evident in the decoration with subject matter that revolves around mundane delights.
A devotee of museums, Francis makes drawings inspired by her daily life, hobbies and obsessions such as record players, bicycles, city streets, and sewing machines, interpreting them into patterns based on historical decoration.
Love of vintage objects and history is also reflected in the forms Francis chooses to cast and print; her porcelain is based on old-fashioned manners, but updated to say that these etiquettes can still have relevance now to elevate the everyday into the ritual.
Kyla Francis graduated from NSCAD University in 2004 with a BFA in ceramics, and has been working since 2006 in her seaside studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is an organizer for Halifax Crafters, a group committed to creating handmade goods locally that has been presenting seasonal handmade markets since 2005.